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Information technology has evolved to become a key component of most businesses, it should support increased productivity, enable new sales channels and facilitate new business.

But if technology is not managed well it can significantly reduce productivity, cost sales and mean you lose out in today’s highly competitive markets.

We are here to make sure IT delivers for you. We do so by providing support packages that cover the following range of services:

Virus & Malware prevention

With virus and hackers costing British Business over £10 billion per year and the average cost of a virus incident being between £10,000 and £22,000 for small businesses can you afford not to be protected? We deploy a professional version of Bit Defender – the number one ranked Anti Virus software suite in the world. This enables us to protect you against, virus, malware and fishing attacks as well as providing optional control of staff internet access and PC level firewalls.  The software is updated hourly to ensure that you are protected against the latest threats as soon as they are identified.

Patch Management

With Microsoft releasing patches on a daily and weekly basis, effective patch management is essential for your Information Technology to ensure that you quickly address vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers or malware and to retain compliance with external requirements such as PCI. Hackers and Cyber Crime cost the UK £27 billion per year and a failed PCI audit can affect you ability to process credit card payments. We monitor your PCs through our tools 24/7 and switch your PC on over night and to install the latest patches to ensure it remains protected.  Any issues are automatically logged in the help desk system to enable us to manually address them in a timely manner.

Data Loss Prevention

Whether it is your data or your customer’s data, losing data through system failure of human error is an ever present and avoidable risk. We will provide our desktop cloud backup solution with no data limits to protect against this, we also offer an optional onsite data copy to ensure much faster recovery of data in a disaster recovery scenario. Version roll-back functionality can be included so if you accidentally over write an important letter or file we can recover it for you.

Monitoring & Support

All PCs we support have our agent installed on them, this agent monitors the health of the PC 24/7 to help us identify the issue when one occurs and a remote control agent to enable us to fix 95% of problems with PCs remotely.  This means substantially quicker fix times at much lower cost for you.  If a site visit is needed then this is also available.

Optional enhanced 2 hr response SLA: Remote and on-site support with Emergency support included in the monthly fee, all supported through our multi-channel helpdesk ticket creation system.

Preventative Maintenance

Scheduled preventative maintenance and optimisation  on your desktop and server estate complemented with Operating System patch mangement will ensure that key risks are mitigated in advance. For any issues that arise, 24×7 performance monitoring of your devices applications and IT resources will allow for quick analysis and resolution

Regular IT reviews

To complement the on-going proactive maintenance and support, our teams will facilitate regular sessions where service performance, key trends can be reviewed and actions agreed. Network, Compliance and Vunerability reports can also be run and reviewed.

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