You take care of the business. Let us take care of the technology for you!

Website and Hosting

  • WordPress installation & hosting
  • High impact theme included
  • Optional site backup

Business Phone

  • Business grade phone system in the cloud
  • Save up to 80% over BT
  • Run from a desk phone, laptop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Advanced call management features

Technology Support

  • 24/7 device monitoring
  • #1 anti-virus and anti-malware – managed
  • Patch management
  • Support teams on call


We will provide you a hosted instance of the world’s most popular Web Content Management System and Blogging platform, WordPress.

Free Theme

 You will also great an easy to use theme which will allow you to create and manage a high impact, modern site that will display well on all screen sizes. Click here to see an example

A no brainer on cost

 Save up to 80% against BT calls costs, line rental and installation. Free calls between offices. 1p a min UK landlines, low international rates (e.g. Select European countries 2p/min, Australia / USA 2p/min)

Premier Feature Pack

Get our premier feature pack, giving you an immediate professional image for your callers and advanced call management to help ensure you don’t miss a call while being able to stay nible, remote and distributed.

What you need

 All you need is an existing broadband service or access to good wifi if calling from the laptop.

For more details on features and benefits see our Cloudphone page.


 Save money and time while protecting you and your customer’s data with our managed anti-virus and anti-malware products. We use the award winning Bitdefender software.  All this included in your monthly fee.

Monitor Health

 We will also install an agent on your PC(s) which will monitor your vitals 24/7 notifying us of common performance and security risk factors before they become issues.

Support when you need it

 Our installed agents will also allow us remote access when required to your PC to help us resolve 95% of issues remotely avoiding call out charges. Standard break fix support on a pay as you use basis. All you can eat support packages available on request.


t: 01784 54 2000

Some more juicy details


  • Domain: You will need a domain name that you own (e.g.
  • Level of knowledge: The theme will allow you to create and manage your own site, no coding required. The only real limitation here is your imagination. Remember, if you want some advice or help with something like e-commerce then we’re here to help.


  • Broadband connection: You’ll need a broadband connection to route the calls over. We advise a min speed of 2 Mbs for 4 extensions or less.
  • Telephone numbers: You can port an existing geographic number to us or you we can help you get a number (or numbers) of your choice. These numbers range from free standard numbers to priced vanity numbers. Please note that you cannot port the number associated with your broadband service.
  • Handsets: If you have an existing Voice over IP capable phone, chances are this could be used. If you don’t, don’t worry. We can help procure and configure phones. Prices start at £50 for desk phones and from £15 for mobile soft clients. Additional soft clients are available to allow you to call using your business phone system from your laptop or tablet.


  • All we need is the ability to install our monitoring agent on your PC. This will allow us to deliver the required anti-virus protection, patch management and if needed remote access.
To ensure the service meets your needs, we will need to complete some setup activities:


Setup: You provide a domain and we’ll do the rest and get you setup. Our standard setup will incur no additional costs. You will receive 1 copy of the WordPress theme.

Billing: 1 Website per organisation. Included in the standard monthly fee.


Setup: You will be provided access to an online portal where you can set up the service yourself. Alternatively, you can let us know how you want the system to work and we can configure it to your needs(£75 for standard configuration) Advanced setup options like multi-level menu systems, message recording and advanced routing available on request.

Billing: The phone service and features are part of the monthly bill of £30/extension or employee. Phone charges are managed through a pre-payment process with calls being managed against your credit. This gives you peace of mind that you are always in control of your spending (although with our low call costs this is less of an issue!). It also has the added benefit of providing protection against any call fraud.   A detailed and real-time call history will be available through the user portal.


Setup: We’ll send you an agent to install on each device. The other services will then be delivered over the air. You just need to keep the devices connected to the internet as much as possible on the installation date. We will help you troubleshoot any problems that arise.

Billing: Included in the monthly standard fee of £30 per device/employee.