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The promise of cloud

Cloud offers business’s today an unprecedented opportunity to adopt and benefit from market leading technology at affordable prices and on flexible terms. In addition to the benefits of reduced capital expenditure, depreciation & support costs, a move to the cloud is a key enabler for mobile and flexible working. It also ensures that your key business systems can remain untouched in case of unexpected events like fire, theft and damage. Making the most of what the cloud has to offer can be daunting though. We offer some core ‘staples’ for those looking to run elements their business in the cloud and we can help you decide what makes sense when.

Our key cloud offerings

Your office in the cloud

As a Microsoft Partner we can help you migrate to and make the most of Office 365.  Benefit from market leading collaboration tools, business grade email with the peace of mind of secure storage and 99.9% up-time. Microsoft Office 365 immediately enables another level of mobility and productivity for a very affordable monthly flexible subscription.


CRM in the cloud

Your customers are your lifeline. Effectively managing the interactions with your customers is the DNA of all high performing businesses. Effective use of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is a key enabler in this process, aggregating all contact data and contact history into 1 place for accessibility and analysis.

A well adopted CRM solution will help you better manage your interactions with and understanding of, your customer base.  Our cloud hosted CRM solution delivers a market leading Sugar CRM solution at affordable monthly rates. Business specific enhancements can be also applied to focus on specific market areas (e.g. recruitment). We can also offer additional productivity enablers like integration with our cloudphone VOIP solution to automatically track and log incoming and outgoing call activity.

Drop us a line and we’ll happily help you assess if a move to CRM in the cloud is of value to you.

Cloud servers and hosting

With advances in technology and security on premise servers are no longer the only option.

For many customers our flexible, scalable and resilient cloud server offerings enable them to grow their business without large capital expenditure. We provide both dedicated and virtual servers with advanced features that would cost tens of thousands of pounds to deploy on site.

From dedicated Sage and Windows servers to e-commerce servers that dynamically scale in real time and seamlessly cope with sudden spikes in traffic due to advertising campaigns or product launches. Our Cloud provisioned servers start form as little as £50 per month, if you’d like to know more then please get in touch.

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